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MP3 VCR is an open-source MP3 stream recorder program
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MP3 VCR is an open-source MP3 stream recorder aimed at catching online radio stations and playlists and saving them directly as universally accepted MP3 audio files. This program requires you to provide a working URL for a given playlist or station - then you can start listening to it and/or record whatever is being broadcasted.

The program's interface, however, is not very friendly, and it might take you a while to fully understand all its controls and functionality. It basically provides you with a box where you can paste or type the URL of the audio stream you want to catch, though the program is basically designed to work using the well-known drag-and-drop technique, which may result much more comfortable for many people. Thus, you can also directly drop any valid playlist over this area of the main window. Once this is done, you have to validate the address, and if everything is alright, you can then proceed to set up the corresponding title, and the path where the resulting MP3 file(s) should be saved.

The program provides an initial collection of preset stations belonging to live365 - an online radio website with a large collection of audio streams arranged by genre, featured, most popular, etc. However, many of these links appear to be invalid or to have been moved, so when you load them and try to listen to the corresponding station, you may get the "Invalid URL" error.

Once you have managed to load a valid station, you can finally proceed to listen to it and start/stop recording. All of this takes place on a kind of built-in player the program includes. You are also allowed to configure some very important details like, for example, if the program should automatically try to split the stream into "songs", based on the pauses between tracks and their duration.

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  • Free
  • Open Source
  • Easy to use
  • Allows to start and stop recording at any moment


  • Many of the included preset stations are no longer working
  • Not very friendly interface
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